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Freedom Player™ Features

  • Fits between existing mouthpiece and a standard unmodified instrument and can be removed in second
  • Stores easily in your instrument case, bag or pocket
  • Uses innovative, patented note recognition technology to achieve low note delays and a very realistic playing experience
  • Optional fpMIDI™ software turns Freedom Player™ into an electronic instrument for home/studio use with midi footswitch and expression pedal control
  • Easy set-up via smartphone, tablet or laptop. Digitally record your playing and replay it to check accuracy or share with your teacher
  • Play along to backing tracks or recorded music on your laptop or smartphone
  • Battery operation provides several hours of playing with easy USB charging
  • Bluetooth® wireless setup and control
  • Wireless listening with inexpensive low-latency infrared or FM headphones
  • Wired connections with USB and jack leads, external speakers/sound system for audio
  • Transposition feature so that you can play from piano music or music written for other woodwinds such as a clarinet, or tenor and baritone saxophone.