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Why Freedom Player™?

There are so many things to worry about when you are learning a woodwind instrument:

  • Where do I put my fingers?
  • Am I playing the right note?
  • Am I in tune?
  • Will the note not sound because holes are uncovered or because of how I’m blowing?
  • Am I disturbing the neighbours?
  • I’m embarrassed that people will hear my mistakes!

Freedom Player™ deals with this because it:

  • Makes very little sound when in operation and allows you to hear your playing via headphones
  • Tells you what note you are fingering
  • Always plays in tune and with a good tone from a range of built-in sounds
  • Takes away the effort of blowing the instrument – breathing gently into the mouthpiece is sufficient to start and stop the notes, and you can stlll tongue the reed, or you can turn off breath control for continuous playing.

Available for Clarinet, Alto Saxophone and Soprano Saxophone.